*Next KLARA Meeting*


September 14th, 2016

Civil Defense Training Center

7220 NY-54, Bath, NY


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KLARION 2016 No.1(PDF)


KLARION 2015 No.1(PDF)

KLARION 2015 No.2(PDF)

KLARION 2015 No.3(PDF)

KLARION 2015 No.4(PDF)

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2016 ARRL Field Day is June 25-26

The Keuka Lake Amateur Radio Association

will be having our Field Day station(s) setup at the

Hornell Municipal Airport

goto ARRL.ORG/field-day.org for more inforamtion

June 25th and 26th


KLARA Hamfest and Camp Out August 6th, 2016


The Mission of the Keuka Lake Amateur Radio Association

To promote interest in Amateur Radio communication and advancement of the radio art.

To conduct programs, training, and exercises that enhance the skills of the members, and educate the community.

To develop ties with other services and establish relationships with community organizations.

To provide emergency communication services.

To promote enjoyable Amateur Radio-related events.